About V-Cope


  • “V – COPE” is the brainchild of Ms.Vandhana, Clinical Psychologist, her vision being “Aware, Arise and Act”.
  • To create Awareness among people to learn to cope up more effectively with their life issues and mental health problems.
  • To Arise to a happy, fulfilling life and break barriers that keep them from reaching their goals.
  • To Act towards their Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social well-being.
  • To promote awareness of mental health rehabilitation, using a multi-modality approach.
  • V-COPE is a service agency for the people for their upliftment.
  • “Personalized Mental Health Care Concept”


  • To create public awareness and organize educational activities on mental health with the survivors who have overcome their mental illness in association with mental health professionals, caregivers, non-governmental organizations and media.
  • To Strengthen their family and help them to attain a contented & self-sufficient life.
  • To promote holistic human development through community education and services.
  • To help children with learning difficulties to attain their dreams and goals as same as other children.
  • Our mission is to identify Pupils with learning difficulties to help to overcome their difficulties by helping them to identify their strength to overcome the weakness both in academics and other areas.