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Meet the Versatile team behind the V-COPE

Mrs. Shobha Ashok is an enthusiastic and creative person who is passionate to bring a positive change in the society. She has obtained B.A., English literature from the University of Madras, Chennai., followed by diploma in special education from Madras Dyslexia Association. Mrs. Shobha works with Ms. Vandhana Acha, Clinical Psychologist in her ‘V- COPE’ clinic in Chennai. We as a team are engaged in various awareness campaigns and screenings in schools, colleges, hospitals about mental health disorders. ‘V-COPE’ Facebook page and Instagram account has been created to reach out to more people. She has been engaged with special Children by taking remedial classes to help them identify their strengths and potential. Mrs. Shobha Ashok has obtained Guinness World Record along with a group of like minded women all over the world for making the largest blanket in crochet in 2016. The blankets were then distributed to various NGO from all over India.

Mrs. Shobha Ashok ,
Special Educator