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Welcome to V-COPE

by  Vandhana. S

“ V – COPE “ is an initiative taken by Ms.Vandhana, Clinical Psychologist, her vision being “Aware, Arise and Act’’ She strives to make people Aware of psychological disorders and helps them to Arise to a happy, contented life and Act towards the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social well-being !!

Our Founder

Ms. Vandhana.S  Clinical Psychologist

Vandhana, a clinical psychologist is an ambitious and dedicated individual who is devoted to working in the areas of psychological assessment, counseling, special education, rehabilitation, behavioral training, and mental health issues. She obtained a B.Sc., Psychology from S.I.E.T College, Chennai, M.Sc Psychology, followed it up with an M Phil in Professional Psychology from the University of Madras. She is also a Diploma holder in Learning Disability.