Educational and Vocational Guidance

Educational Guidance:

  • Educational guidance aims to facilitate the maximum personal development of learners in all spheres of life. It identifies the actual capability and needs of all students. Educational guidance makes education a meaningful gratifying experience and helping them to plan or choose a path or direction.

“Educational guidance is a process concerned with bringing about between an individual pupils with his distinctive characteristics on the one hand and different groups of opportunities and requirements on the other, a favourable, setting for individual development or education.” —G.E. Myers.

  • V-COPE Educational Guidance Services help students choose their higher education platform based on their interest in a particular field and make them understand that, how education can change their lives and improve their life standard.

V-COPE Serves the following purposes:

  1. Educational guidance services is an integral process of any teaching, training, and learning.
  2. It imparts knowledge and awareness about their future educational opportunities.
  3. It assists the pupils for the adjustment in new courses and curriculum or new school environment.
  4. It provides the knowledge and understanding about educational opportunities.
  5. It inculcates the concept of Assisted Self-Learning.
  6. It helps the pupils to progress in their academic field.
  7. It enables pupils to select appropriate study subjects according to their abilities and interests.
  8. To provide the necessary awareness about the national and state-level competitive exams.
  9. To prevent the pupils from the problems of wastage and stagnation in education.
  10. The objectives of education are imparted by self-realization by providing educational guidance at various stages of life in view of their needs, social and mental development.

Vocational Guidance:

  • Vocational Guidance is a facilitating program in support of the education of students. It basically helps in assisting them in choosing an occupation, prepare for it, and progress on the same.
  • Providing Vocational Guidance for people in relation to the vocational planning process and their preparedness for participation in occupational opportunities and analyzing individual’s characteristics to enhance their employability and also preparing them to select, modify and accommodate occupational life.
  • V-COPE Vocational Guidance Services helps in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals and makes them competent enough for the job requirements.