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"Ms Vandhana, clinical psychologist was recommended to us by one of the most senior psychiatrist in Chennai ,which gave us confidence but as skeptical as any parent.We met her and we were so relieved on our first meet itself and were taken into confidence by her approach. Our son aged seven for whom we had approached her, had learning disability He was very happy to find a person who can understand his problems and was actually looking forward to each session right from the first day, which speaks the complete story of her professionalism and compassion she has towards her patients."

Dr.Ezhil, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist

"I know Ms Vandhana intimately. She is a successful consulting psychologist. She is successful because of her humane qualities and the ability to understand the inner world of people who seek her help. I wish her well.

M. Basavanna , Professor of psychology (retd).

I’ve had some mental health issues since my childhood and I’ve tried to handle them all by myself for several years. There was a point in my life when I couldn’t handle them anymore and I was suggested to go meet a psychologist before things go bad. I was skeptical about the idea of meeting a psychologist to begin with but all my skepticism was vanished after my first meeting with Ms.Vandhana. She is such a good listener and someone who puts extra effort to make her clients feel comfortable. The best part to me is the way she interacts - in a casual yet professional manner that makes her very easy to talk to. I wish for her to touch the lives of many others and make them colourful along with her own

Kaushik Shrinivas. K,